E-Commerce Delivery Services

Need same-day or next-day delivery service in Lagos?
Our E-commerce delivery service is your best choice. Our courier service is fast & reliable.

E-Commerce Courier Services

One of the key reasons we pursed the mandate of ZERO DISAPPOINTMENT in Courier and Logistics Services in Nigeria is to empower E-commerce and other online retail individuals and businesses owners have smooth business relationship with their customers but if doing this makes us the best delivery companies in Nigeria, then we are glad. E-commerce Courier Services arm Okiki Courier Services tailored to offer top-notch courier solutions and exceptional customer services. What’s more reliable!
If you’re an online business, Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C) or Customer to Customer (C2C) or multichannel retailer, we can work in partnership with you to achieve the right delivery solutions that will convey positive outcomes to your e-commerce business.
Give your business a considerable advantage over the competition by offering home delivery services you to your customers. With Okiki Courier Services wide and flexible portfolio of e-commerce courier services, choosing a delivery service package suited to your business just got easier. We’d be glad to partner with your business to provide tailor made courier services based on the nature of your business. A successful e-commerce business needs an effective and reliable courier service to support its daily delivery needs. Below are the various e-commerce courier services we offer;

Same Day Delivery

Okiki Courier Services Same Day Delivery Services is the perfect choice for time sensitive shipments that need an immediate pickup and door-to-door delivery within the shortest possible time-frame. As Nigeria’s leading logistics company, our same day courier service is fast, reliable and easy to use.

Next Day Delivery

Okiki Courier Services Next Day Delivery service isn't just swift but also affordable. This service is perfect for SMEs looking to satisfy their customers and gain a competitive edge. Efficient and Express Delivery Services can boost sales expand your customer base beyond your businesses geolocation.

Cash on Delivery

The Cash On Delivery Service guarantees secure payment for your goods upon delivery. By including payment as well as the Cash on Delivery service on your online store, you can get a considerable boost in sales as lots of customers opt for this service.

Reverse Logistics Services

Reverse Logistics Service charge refers to items that are returned to Lagos or within, as rejected or are not picked up by your customer, (from Third Party) after several attempts (3) which would be charged based on the zone.

Remote Location Delivery

When it comes to going the last mile to deliver that package, Okiki Courier Services Remote Location delivery solutions have got you covered. Thanks to our extensive network, we can help you reach customers and suppliers even in rural or difficult-to-access locations where most delivery companies in Nigeria refuse to go.

Hold for Collection Service

Our Hold for Collection service means that your customers don't have to wait at home to receive their parcel and they will never miss another delivery. This on-demand delivery service means we can deliver your parcel to any of our pickup centers in any destination you choose then we notify the client to come and pickup.

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